Holistic Health
Holistic health: Oriental Natural Energetics
by: Donna Kraft- Smith, LMT

This past October, I had both the honor and pleasure of introducing my friend and teacher of " Oriental Natural Energetics ( The O.N.E. MODEL)", Dr. Elliot Diamond to my massage students, professional bodyworkers, and other interested parties. Our focus was the "Asian Youth Program for Skin Enhancement." This was an experietial learning experience that aided participants with more valuable insights about their skin and face types in the context of Oriental Medicine Skills and knowledge. We specifically were introduced to Oriental energetic strategies to enhance facial skin, reduce wrinkles and to fortify the underlying structures, including : Facial Oriental Diagnosis, specific acupressure points, and facial exercises. This material is from the Toyo Hari Training of Japan (the Blind Acupuncture Society) & an eclectic assortment of other transcendent knowledge. For over 20 years, Dr. Diamond has assisted scores of individuals in their journey of personal health and in learning ancient healing traditions in a more modern context. I find it very amazing that the principles of Oriental Medicine, that are well over 5,000 years old, still apply to modern life. Oriental Medicine teaches that human beings are part of nature, not separtate from it . It is a way of observing and sorting out how one may balance their life by learning more about there own natural rhythums with nature. The traditional Oriental literature is rich with materials that clearly delineate and separate Eastern and Western thought and philosophy. The famous 1637 statement of Rene Descartes, "Cogito ergo sum"- I think therefore I am, is one of the more classic examples. Whereas the Western mind distinguishes mental and emotional phenomena from physical phenomena, in Oriental medicine there exists no differentiation.

Oriental Medicine supports that spiritual, mental and emotional states are intricately woven into the disease process. The profound energetic fabric of these states is called Ki by the Japanese and Qi by the Chinese. One of the oldest Chinese medical classics, the Su Wen, discusses this important concept of qi :

"The Yellow Emperor asked, "I heard all diseases are created by qi. [With] anger the qi rises; [with] joy the qi becomes loose or moderate; [with] grief the qi disappears, [with] fear the qi descends; [with] cold the qi shrinks; [with] heat the qi leaks; [with] fright the qi is disordered. [With] tiredness, the qi wilts; [with] thinking the qi knots [becomes stagnant]. These nine qi are not the same. What causes these diseases?" (Su Wen Xuan Ji Yuan Big Shi, An Investigation into the Profound Truths of Disease Origins in the Essential Questions). Liu Wan-Su (1186). People's Hygiene Publishing Company, 1983.

One will find the the principles of Oriental Medicine utilized in acupuncture, Oriental massage (ex. shiatsu), Macrobiotic diet and more. For more info on Oriental Medicine principles and Dr. Elliots workshops , you can go to his website www.midashealth.com

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