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Off The Beaten Path
by: Photojournalist Barry-Scott Hall

The first place I shall take you to is Tobey Falls in Willimantic Maine.

Tobey Falls is part of Big Wilson Stream. There are Three sets of falls; clear water, fine display of potholes and scour structures. Plunge pool below lower falls. Finding Tobey Falls can be a little tricky. Tobey Falls in Willimantic Maine

From Guilford , Take Rt. 150 North to the Willimantic Road. Once on the Willimantic Road, you will come across some beautiful farm country. Just before a large Barn on your right, there will be a Dirt Road on your left, that has no name, so it's very easy to travel by it if you are going to fast, remember go slow and enjoy the scenic drive along the way. Once on the Dirt road , go to the very end of the dirt road, there will be large rocks at the end of the road so you cannot go any further. From there, there is a nice walking path to Tobey Falls. Walking time into the Falls is only about 10 minutes. Remember to bring the family since there is a nice area to have an afternoon lunch , while viewing the Waterfalls.

A word of caution about the falls. The rocks on the side of the falls are smooth and round, so they are very slippery, take care when walking on them.
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