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Off The Beaten Path
by: Photojournalist Barry-Scott Hall

Mount Kineo

Mount  Kineo on Moosehead Lake

Located on a peninsula in the center of Moosehead Lake, the southeastern face of Mount Kineo rises dramatically 800 feet straight out of the water. This famous landmark can be seen by driving 20 miles north of Greenville (Rt. 15) to Rockwood. From Rockwood, you must go to Kineo by boat.

Three trails, the Indian Trail, Bridle Trail, and North Trail, lead to the top. At the top choose an alternative way down. Proceed by heading northwest along the shore path from the docking area. Passing under the spectacular cliffs of Kineo flint, it is approximately .8 miles to the Indian trail, which starts on the right flagged by blue blaze. This trail stays near the edge of the cliff all the way to the top, approximately 1 mile.

Note: This trail passes over steep cliffs for extended lengths, and adults should be in control of children at all times. Dramatic drop-offs all the way. Watch closely for blaze marks to keep on trail.

To take the Bridle Trail to the top, pass the Indian Trail trailhead and continue past a lone cabin on the shore. Immediately behind the cabin is the Bridle Trail trailhead. Or continue on the Carriage Way to Hardscrabble Point where there are signs for the North Trail.

Times will vary from 3 to 5 hours depending on route taken.

Important: Someone should be advised of where you intend to hike and at what time you expect to return to your base. Blaze orange should be worn by all hikers during fall hunting season. Proper footwear is particularly important. Carry a small emergency pack containing water, matches or a lighter, bug spray, a small amount of high-energy food, a map and compass. Have a safe trip.
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