2004 Daily Me Guestbook

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Dick Clukey
Wolcott, CT USA
Happy New Year to all my friends.
-Friday, December 31, 2004 at 12:11:04 (EST)
Jimmy Goku
N. Kingston, RI USA
I would just like to say Happy Holidays and have a safe and prosperus New Year to all my friends in Gulford, you know who you are, and that I will see you all in May when I come up! Can't wait to get back to Maine; the way life should be!!:)
-Thursday, December 30, 2004 at 18:30:10 (EST)
Eva Flynn
-Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at 16:01:07 (EST)
Bob Vincent
Hendersonville, NC USA
Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Years to all. Remember my days at the old radar site. Hello to the Rideouts and Coles, best wishes.
-Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at 14:32:27 (EST)
Just looking around and found this page. Quite interesting. I would like to hear from anyone that attended Foxcroft Academy during the "60's". The Alumni magazine is a little stodgy for my taste.
-Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at 08:14:48 (EST)
kent, wa USA
fran, the wonderful woman who wrote me about kimberly peasley, if you are reading this can you please re-email me? My server lost my email before I could print it...I would really like to write to her. Thanks
-Saturday, December 25, 2004 at 11:10:14 (EST)
William F. Reed
reedx21@wm connect.com
Zephyrhills, Fl. USA
Would be happy to hear from old friends
-Thursday, December 23, 2004 at 11:06:45 (EST)
Barbara stone
lagrange, me USA
I want to wish every body out there a very happy and safe new year and best wishes in 2005, i also want to wish every body out there in good health, happiness,
-Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 08:00:36 (EST)
Khalil Mustafi
Lewiston, ME USA
Happy Ramadan to all my Arab friends here in United States.
-Tuesday, December 21, 2004 at 13:46:25 (EST)
Sacramento, Ca USA
this is a nice site
-Sunday, December 19, 2004 at 08:50:16 (EST)
Rod Gudroe
Palmyra, Me USA
Merry Christmas Judy Craig and Fred Wintle!Fred,your stories are fabulous!I know my Dad will miss his Merry Christmas call from Bill Hambrecht who passed on this past year,bless his soul.Oh,Mary Morancie,Merry Christmas to you and Ross too!!I will send ya some funny stories about Dexter Muni and a few pics too!
-Friday, December 17, 2004 at 03:55:28 (EST)
(Thanks for eagle eye Alden....I assume it must be Christmas Eve :) Merry Christmas.... Judy

Alden Schmitz
Bellevue, NE USA
Is that an error on the date of the First Baptist Church Christmas Eve Service? Sounds a little premature.
-Tuesday, December 14, 2004 at 23:03:08 (EST)
jolene (boswell) pearce
kent, wa USA
i lived in dexter from 1970-1977 when i was a little girl (2-7), on free street, my parents owned the laundry. I am looking for any information on the Parkman's(Shirley/Wes) also I was friends with Kimberly Peasley and Janet Dickey and a little red headed boy named Sean...any info on them?? Ronnie Dodge was my brother's best friend, looking for him as well. Even though I don't have a lot of memories of Dexter I am "coming home" for a visit in February when my oldest daughters debate team is going to a tournament at Harvard and would welcome any info on places to stay and any local news and any news of friends. Thank you
-Tuesday, December 14, 2004 at 22:44:15 (EST)
Kevin M. Corbin
Lihue, HI USA
Fred..U da man ! Those were the words. By god, you were paying attention in those classes. Wow.I lived in a world full of false thoughts of people back then..lol. Wishes for a great holiday to all of you Dexterites back home. I'll be thinking of ya ! If ya see my sis Michele, give her a hug for me. 1st year without our mom around...hard!
Aloha..Kevin M.
-Monday, December 13, 2004 at 18:47:05 (EST)
Mary Morancie
Dexter, ME USA
I have a request: If you have a golf story of any nature relating to Dexter Muni, or if you have any info relating to the history of the course, old members, pictures, and /or the various Pros throughout the years please e-mail me as I am putting together a publication that will go on sale in the Spring as a fund raiser to benefit the Dexter Muni Golf Association. Further, the plaque for the Men's Club Championship has disappeared and the Association is attempting to have a new one made -- if you were the Club Champ, or know of anyone who was Club Champ, between the years 1977 - 1999 please e-mail with a name and year. Need all info by January 31, 2005. When e-mailing please use the word "GOLF" in the Subject line. Thanks and happy holidays from Ross and Mary.

-Monday, December 13, 2004 at 13:54:47 (EST)
Holly Gilbert-Cleary
Arundel, Me USA
Happy Holidays to my friends and acquaintances in Central Maine. I added the "Cleary" on December 1st in Las Vegas. Awesome vacation and honeymoon! Lots of love and best wishes to all.
-Thursday, December 09, 2004 at 11:17:19 (EST)
Jim Gildersleeve Beaupre
Thompson, CT USA
Orange Hawkweed and I recall looking at the fields of it, as I delivered the Bangor Daily News on West Main Street.
-Thursday, December 09, 2004 at 07:01:43 (EST)
Earline Nunn
Hello and Seasons greetings to the wonderful people back home.I have a question-when i was young-many many moons ago-there was a flower we called devils' paintbrush.The field by the hospital in Dover was beautiful when this was in bloom.Does anyone know what this plant is called or the proper name for it? Thanks and hand me a slice of mincemeat pie if you don't mind! lol
-Wednesday, December 08, 2004 at 21:23:25 (EST)
Jun Igat
Kalibo, Akl Philippines
Peace be with you! Great site!
All the best, Jun Igat -Sunday, December 05, 2004 at 23:29:47 (EST)
Fred Wintle
Garland, ME USA
David A. Richards was quoting William F. Buckley Jr. in those days:
the quote was:
"Whether you have something great to say or whether something small speak distinctly, speak distinctly or do not speak at all."
-Saturday, December 04, 2004 at 16:07:55 (EST)
Ron Shorton
Framingham, Ma USA
Kevin, I was not in that class but I did have a housemaster named Miss Ryan where I went to school and she would always say: "Speak distinctly and open thy mouth". Is that close?
-Thursday, December 02, 2004 at 21:15:17 (EST)
Jennifer Chute
Boulder, CO USA
I really enjoy your webpage. Husband and I visited your area this past summer. We hope to visit Dexter again in a couple years.
-Sunday, November 28, 2004 at 18:41:05 (EST)
Kevin M. Corbin
Lihue, Hi USA
Okay...for those of you who did NOT sleep in MR. David Richard's class...what was his saying about "speak distinctly....."
Foolish thoughts but from time to time I find myself trying to recall his words..
Humor me...do YOU remember what it was??????
-Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 02:55:38 (EST)
turin, italy
Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource.
-Sunday, November 21, 2004 at 18:38:11 (EST)
Mr. Clukey, I think that is great. Its great to find old friends, If it were not for this site, it probly would not of happened.Great story! Thank you Judy for giving this site to all of us who care.
-Sunday, November 21, 2004 at 09:11:52 (EST)
Norman Tremblay
Venice, Fl. USA
Dick i care... i think its great when you can touch base with the past good for you .
-Sunday, November 21, 2004 at 05:55:35 (EST)
Dana, N.C. USA
Just a note to let everyone know about a great web-site,
www.bens-story.com, this little boy needs prayers from everyone. I believe we may all be witnessing a miracle. If interested please check it out.
-Saturday, November 13, 2004 at 11:43:17 (EST)
Earline King Nunn
Judy-Kudos to you for all the time and work on this page.As a Mainer-In-Exile this means a lot to me to be able to "come home" through these pages.Thanks again!
-Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 22:17:28 (EST)
(Hi Tanya and all.... I just deleted all the "crap" , but it is becoming an increasing big job to keep up with all the entries. Between junk email, nasty guestbook entries, one wonders if people just don't have something better to do. ??? I personally think (they) should get a life, and maybe instead of being destructive they could be constructive. Thanks for understanding and thanks to all who let me know when there are entires I miss...)
-Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 09:00:37 (EST)
Norman Tremblay
nct1@ verizon.net
Venice, Fl. USA
-Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 06:05:30 (EST)
Sharon Dubay
Sangerville, ME USA
Was shocked to see Rose Morancie is a Red Sox fan. Boy, she was surely a closet fan, as her husband was a die hard Yankees man. Remember him going nose to nose with my Dad, Don Bennett at Fayscott, when I was a kid. Gotta love it!!
-Monday, November 08, 2004 at 23:22:45 (EST)
Hendersonville, NC USA
Remembering good olde days in Dover-Foxcroft. Was at 765th 58-59
-Sunday, November 07, 2004 at 08:51:19 (EST)
Greg Vigue
Jacksonville, Al USA
God Bless America.
-Thursday, November 04, 2004 at 15:04:26 (EST)
Albany , ny USA
Just thought I would just drop in and say hello to you and Lil. How is Kyle doing? We are all doing fine here, Brian will graduate from Albany Fire Acadamy on this Friday.
-Wednesday, November 03, 2004 at 15:57:39 (EST)
Chicago, IL USA
-Monday, November 01, 2004 at 11:21:26 (EST)
Dana, N.C. USA
Hey folks, don't forget to set your clocks back this weekend, and don't forget to "VOTE" this Tuesday.
No matter WHO you vote for.....
-Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 12:46:52 (EDT)
Nick Caisse
Orlando, FL USA
Hi Greg and Kevin
-Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 01:43:16 (EDT)
My son Joe and I were visiting this past year in July and visited my brother Bob, and Rich and his family and what nice people! We had a great time. Love you Rich! Please email me just to talk cause I don't have your email address.
-Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 22:19:36 (EDT)
Anne Mitchell
Rockwood, ME USA
Judy - Thank you for your Postcard service! It's a wonderful feature with so many beautiful photos of Maine scenes. What fabulous promotion and opportunity for folks to send scenes of life in Maine to friends and family far and wide. Keep up the good work you do with the Daily ME.
-Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 10:13:03 (EDT)
Milton Hussey
San Antonio, Tx USA
I,m a Mainer in Exile,originally from Newport. I really enjoy The Daily Maine,it allows me to keep up to date with the happenings in my place of birth
-Thursday, October 14, 2004 at 19:59:36 (EDT)
ginger crosman
winston salem, nc USA
first time on this web site and the photos on the post card section are beautiful..I come from kennebunk ...my dad ran the kennebunk system store as I was growing up.....but teach now in NC I had a cabin in monmouth I sold last year but still come home every June to see family...will check out your web site again,,thanks...ginger
-Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 16:31:14 (EDT)
Kelli Richardson
Corinna, me USA
Your "toad" is a tree frog, I have had one in residence @ our house several seasons now. I would hear this sound and couldnt figure out where it was comming from. So with the help from a ladder I got up to the gutters and there he was sitting there. Arent they cool? They have very sticky feet. I have taken a picture of one stuck to the side of my house. HOpe this satisfies your curiosity.
-Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 09:31:52 (EDT)
Guilford, USA
Judy-I missed Puff!!! The new pics are great, though!
-Friday, October 01, 2004 at 12:42:00 (EDT)
K. Mattel
Just want to say hi to all the usual guys over there.
-Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 14:37:08 (EDT)
To be "Mrs. President", Grace, Class, & Respect come to mind.
( In my opinion ), Mrs. Kerry is lacking.
-Friday, September 24, 2004 at 13:19:01 (EDT)
Greg Vigue
Jacksonville, Al USA
Just wanted to apologize for a mis-spelling on my last entry dated 9/22 at 9:24 AM , (know) should of been (now) and to Judy Craig for submitting a political e-mail into her guestbook. I suspect that even the most liberal dems. would have to agree Mrs. Kerry has no business representing our nation as it's first lady. Latest polls have also revealed that John Kerry's "real" background is coming to light for all to see. Sorry again Judy...
-Friday, September 24, 2004 at 09:58:36 (EDT)
an ex Democrat
Right on! Also, a hearty thank you to our local troops who are overseas and who check the Daily Me. Come home safe!
-Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 18:14:21 (EDT)
Amen, Mr. Vigue....
-Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 17:29:21 (EDT)
Greg Vigue
Jacksonville, Al USA
In the unlikely event John Kerry wins the election, be prepared to listen to the gutter mouth first lady. What a shame it would be to have her as our country's First Lady. The best thing Kerry could do know is place a muzzle on his
wife. GOD BLESS AMERICA.........
-Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 09:24:01 (EDT)
an ex Democrat
-Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 16:23:54 (EDT)
Kevin M. Corbn
Lihue, HI. USA
Check it out. New email. Got bit by the DSL bug. Also wireless with my laptop. Freedom is abounding! But good taste in guestbook signage seems to still be lacking.
Hey Judy..I'm still around..
-Monday, September 20, 2004 at 03:18:23 (EDT)
Jim Gildersleeve Beaupre
Perhaps you have not heard of "THE WORD"? Many moons have passed since the Apostle Paul taught the Greeks of the right road to take and the gift of salvation.
So now you want God Fearing Christians to step backward and view your un-natural relations & behavior, as you attempt to justify your actions and seek acceptance from fellow man.
I don't believe that this is the proper forum for that type of activity.
-Sunday, September 19, 2004 at 08:10:36 (EDT)
Just a quick note to say HI to everyone. I check this site every day. Love it. Miss Maine alot, especially this time of the year. Take care, Peace....
-Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 15:53:28 (EDT)
Nick Caisse
Orlando, FL USA
Just wanted to say HI! I go to this site to flash back to my mis-spent youth. Why did God waste youyh on the young, instead of giving it to those of us who know how to use it now. There is no place like home!!!! Nick(y)
-Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 23:17:31 (EDT)
Joe Stutzman
natchez, ms USA
looking for info on Stutzman what does it mean? where did name originate? Joe Stutzman
-Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 22:46:08 (EDT)
John "DJ" Ellenbacher
Killeen, tx USA
I am looking for a Gordon M. Boulier who should be about 35 years of age that was stationed at George AFB in california before going onto Nellis AFB. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please ask him to contact me. Thanks!
-Saturday, September 11, 2004 at 23:59:03 (EDT)
mr aba
vi , im imo
Congratulations to the Dexter boys and girls basketball teams. We can listen on WZON on our computer. Go mr aba
-Saturday, September 11, 2004 at 11:54:25 (EDT)
Sharon Richardson
Franklin, In. USA
Love this site!! It`s the first site I go to when I get online. I`m orig. from Dover-Foxcroft, graduated in Corinna in `64. Haven`t been home in a while and sure miss it. Would love to hear from anyone from Dover, Dexter or Corinna.
-Tuesday, September 07, 2004 at 18:39:06 (EDT)
Pat Bridgham Wyman
Hermon, Me USA
Just found this site am interested in starting i hope an unique Maine shop for the Mainiacs who live out of state or for the lucky ones still here. Would love, love, love to hear from all of you who could throw out ideas of what you'd like to be offered. I had a home in Fla but couldn't be away from here for long missed my kids, grandkids and the Maine way of life. So we sold and here we are. My husband and I share alot of illnesses together so we feel home is best for most of the year.Finding the right niche seems to be the internet sales as I can't do as I used to but haven't lost enough of the gray matter to want to be idle. Please respond as I do appreciate others' opinions.
-Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 15:15:57 (EDT)
Jim Gildersleeve Beaupre'
Thompson, CT USA
Good Morning Judy Wilbur Craig,
My uncle James Richard Gildersleeve stopped in for a few days, as he was on his way home to AZ and had recently attended his Class Reunion in Dexter.
He said to say "Hello" from he & his wife Mary. Small world it is!
Keep the faith,
-Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 07:37:36 (EDT)
Julie Folsom Farmer
Murrieta, CA USA
Does anyone remember Agatha (Bunny) Folsom Burke? Aggie worked in the Dexter mills, & my father was born in 1932. Will anyone come forward & reveal any information about the Folsom's from Dexter Please. My father Al Folsome has a serious illness & I am working in his behalf to find out of his biological side & who his father was. Not knowing his father has been very hurtful all of his life. My motive in finding out this information is to obtain medical history information for medical purposes only & in no way want to hurt or embarass anyone as a result. There is a non-confirmed possibility that Kenneth Kimball from Parkman or Hampden Me is the biological father. Please email me at juliefarmerrealestate@yahoo.com Thank you so much...Julie
-Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 02:10:47 (EDT)
Shannon Sherburne
Detxer, Me USA
Hello everyone. My maiden name Shannon Wilson. I graduated with the class of '96. I went to Texas for about a month after graduation and now am married with 2 kids My hubby is Shawn Sherburne. I stay home with my kids Geneva who is now in the first grade and James who is 2. I was just looking for some of the people who I went to school with. Also if anyone went to school with Shawn and has some juicy stories let me know LOL. Hope to hear from everyone soon.
-Thursday, August 05, 2004 at 17:51:16 (EDT)
Greg Vigue
Jacksonville, AL USA
Congradulations on a great Wild West Weekend. I'm very happy to see the main street in Dexter coming back to life again. I remember the days when the main street would be blocked off on a Friday nights and a live band would play and people would come to Dexter from all around. Stores and resturants would stay open late for us who needed something to eat after a "WILD" evening. As we grow older we wonder why the old days aren't like they were in the 60's and early 70's. Where have all the baby boomers gone? where are their children.. the public beach would always be packed almost everynight during the summer.. well, it's great to have all those memories that I wouldn't trade for anything, THOSE WERE THE DAYS..... :) :)
-Tuesday, August 03, 2004 at 17:33:50 (EDT)
Linda Church
Manville, RI USA
Parker, looks like you put on a few pounds. See ya Labor day week-end.
-Tuesday, August 03, 2004 at 08:08:50 (EDT)
Doris Clukey
Ripley, Maine USA
Wonderful job on Wild West days in Dexter. A lot of work was put into and we would like to thank e eryone who made the day such a success, Great job Guys and Dolls.
-Sunday, August 01, 2004 at 10:58:40 (EDT)
-Thursday, July 29, 2004 at 11:05:57 (EDT)
Lauren d.
Fort Salonga, NY USA
I come to dexter every summer twice scince I was born because my grndma and grandpa own cabins on lake wassokeg. I love it here. Everybodys nice and I have so much fun!
-Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at 21:17:21 (EDT)
Nice site, I enjoyed looking around.
-Tuesday, July 27, 2004 at 16:38:35 (EDT)
James Ogden
Dexter, ME USA
Nice site. I enjoy reading the news and looking at the daily photos.
-Saturday, July 24, 2004 at 13:46:52 (EDT)
Kathie Coombs
Barrington, NH USA
I am looking for Anissa Robinson from Garland. Please email me if you get the message.
-Thursday, July 08, 2004 at 19:57:03 (EDT)
glynn woodbury
atlanta, ga USA
Hello Dexter folks,
Well the days are nice in hot atlanta and lately the name has stuck with temperatures in the high 80's or even high 90's every day. We currently have seen rain daily (afternoon thunderstorms) as well.
Hope all is going well and I look forward to seeing my class of 87 friends, or there abouts, one day soon. Alot has changed as I newly married and my wonderful wife of two years is expecting in November.
-Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 09:09:49 (EDT)
virginia dempsey
doverfoxcroft, me USA
the daily me is vry nice site . look at it often.
-Wednesday, June 30, 2004 at 06:53:52 (EDT)
Dexter Dexter
puerto prinsesa city, Philippines
can i have a pic of dexter for free
-Wednesday, June 30, 2004 at 05:19:58 (EDT)
Dexter, USA
-Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 18:55:18 (EDT)
nancy white Glidden
easley, sc USA
I have just learned of the passing of Joan Pulkkinen,and am so sorry.Some of my best memories of my high school years were with Jean and Joan.My condolences to the family.I had seen Joan a few times over the years at the basketball games,and we had our usual laughs together just like old times.Would love to hear from jean...
-Monday, June 28, 2004 at 04:46:14 (EDT)
Kathie Coombs
Barrington, NH USA
Hey Cheryl, Congrats on your new car! Come visit me on the lake now next time you come down!
-Sunday, June 27, 2004 at 18:29:50 (EDT)
Rusty Sands
Wallingford, CT USA
Looking forward to my two weeks in Dexter this summer. July 23 thru August 8th. Hope to catch up with some old friends.
-Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 20:50:02 (EDT)
Dexter, ME USA
The Dusters car club is having a cruise in at Abbott on June 25 at the former 'Dairy Joy' location at around 6:00 pm. The second Dexter Dusters cruise in will be in Dexter on July 9 after 5:30 pm on Spring Street in the House of Pizza parking lot. The first Dexter cruise in had 22 vehicles. Way to go!! Hope to see more on July 9.
-Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 18:51:24 (EDT)
Robin (Miller) Paraiso
Attleboro, MA USA
Am a 1983 DRHS Grad hoping to find a camp on the lake to rent - 1 or 2 weeks this summer. If not this summer then next would be fine. Please email with any info! Thanks.
-Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 11:07:06 (EDT)
Portland, ME USA
Looking for news, stories of Kevin Cooley, alumnus of Dexter HS. Thanks.
-Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 11:06:34 (EDT)
Jim Jacobs
Lonnie...........who cares?
-Tuesday, June 22, 2004 at 19:47:54 (EDT)
Lonnie Levensalor
Canastota, NY USA
Just thought I would say hi to all the folks back in Dexter.
Also I have been signing this guestbook since 1997!
-Sunday, June 20, 2004 at 11:55:38 (EDT)
-Thursday, June 17, 2004 at 01:19:21 (EDT)
lome , USA
i love this site 00 0 0 0
-Saturday, June 12, 2004 at 17:25:44 (EDT)
Stephen Provost
Dover-Foxcrft, Me USA
I was very sad to learn the passing of a former Dexter teacher, neighbor, and friend, Miss Dolly Ducharme. May she rest in peace.
-Saturday, June 12, 2004 at 11:44:17 (EDT)
Lome, Kara Togo
I Love your site pls keep it up
-Tuesday, June 08, 2004 at 21:25:23 (EDT)
Dexter, ME USA
There will be a Dusters cruise-in at the parking lot in front of House of Pizza/China Garden on Spring Street in Dexter on Friday, June 11 after 5:30 pm. All antique/classic vehicles are invited to attend. If you need more information, please email me at csburton@tdstelme.net.
-Wednesday, June 02, 2004 at 18:10:59 (EDT)
Danielle Busque
apo, ae IRAQ
I just wanted to say that everyone should always be very proud of where they are from. I grew up in Monson and now live in a major city, theres nothing like the conviences of a small town!!!!!!!!!!
-Tuesday, June 01, 2004 at 20:32:05 (EDT)
South Plainfield, NJ USA
Thanks again for everything Bob!!
-Friday, May 28, 2004 at 11:25:28 (EDT)
South Plainfield, NJ USA
Visited my brother Bob in Dexter again recently, but brought Mom along this time. The weather was great, nice and cool,and we got to see his two "girls". Bob and I spent a day exploring the Calais/Eastport areas which was really nice since we've never been in that part of the state before. Mom and I had a good time searching the gift/thrift shops in the area, and I hope Mom enjoyed herself on our trip. I love Maine!
-Friday, May 28, 2004 at 11:23:41 (EDT)
Erlanger, Ky USA
I am looking for the family of Harvey E. Bubier Jr. My name is Katie and I have spent almost one whole year talking to him. Now that he is deloyed I would lIke to contact his mother Jackie, or brother Jason (Jay). Please email me if you read this.
-Sunday, May 23, 2004 at 04:04:50 (EDT)
Wendy Flack
Pembroke, VA USA
I forgot to mention what part of ME I was from...We lived on Pine Street in Guilford...Thanks!
-Friday, May 21, 2004 at 08:26:14 (EDT)
Wendy King Flack
Pembroke, VA USA
I left the area in about 1972 or 73 with my brothers, sisters, and parents...I will be returning for a visit on June 19-June 27. I am wishing to make contact with anyone I knew from school or from my neighborhood. I lived on Pine Street. You can email me at my daugthers email address. I'm very excited about "coming home"
-Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 10:48:15 (EDT)
Jim Morgan
Big Pool, MD USA
Come up to Milo every year. Looking for a cabin to rent for 6 adults, Nov. 11-14th (for sure)....possibly thru to the 21st.
Any help would be Great!
-Wednesday, May 19, 2004 at 09:01:12 (EDT)
Hello all you kind folk-lock up your coffee supplies,doughnuts and fellas-Wendy is about to descend on the good folk of Dover-Foxcroft-lil miss blue eyes is on her way!
-Saturday, May 15, 2004 at 21:29:25 (EDT)
main, me USA
cornville yard sale is the weekend before memorial day.
-Thursday, May 13, 2004 at 09:53:31 (EDT)
Jodi Medlin
Mount Vernon, Wa USA
Im looking for the right e-mail address for Jerry Mckenney, Who is from Maine but now lives in Florida. He is sighned in the guest book but wrong e-mail address. Jerry if you see this its Jodi from California.. Wayne Gillespie's friend. Write me... Love to hear from you.
-Wednesday, May 12, 2004 at 18:21:19 (EDT)
Great site. I enjoyed my visit.
-Tuesday, May 11, 2004 at 20:22:16 (EDT)
M. Bowden
Corinna, Me USA
Usually the Cornville yard sale is well advertised in the papers and Uncle Henry! ???June I know it's black fly season!
-Monday, May 10, 2004 at 20:39:29 (EDT)
here, me USA
again trying to find out also when the cornville yard sale is....anyone?
-Saturday, May 08, 2004 at 22:32:40 (EDT)
Jodi Medlin
Mount Vernon, Wa USA
Jerry Mc Kenney please contact me..Looking forward to hearing from you. It's been almost 30 years..Jodi
-Friday, May 07, 2004 at 14:34:50 (EDT)
-Wednesday, May 05, 2004 at 14:19:25 (EDT)
tony marshall
pretoria, south africa
-Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 18:38:45 (EDT)
Dover-Foxcroft, USA
Does anyone know when Cornville has their annual 6 mile yard sale? Its a Saturday/Sunday affair I know.
-Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 18:26:51 (EDT)
John York
Fairfield, ME USA
I enjoy finding the webpage and like the stories that I read here. The egg fair sounds like fun, I was never there but will go. Does it cost alot? I haven't alot of money.
-Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 07:52:25 (EDT)
dexter belgard
Providence Forge, va USA
cool site! mom's been telling me about this site, thought i'd check it out-love to hear from anyone from the class of 77
-Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 20:57:23 (EDT)
Barbara Powers
Bakersfield, CA USA
Hello Fred, I came across your web page after doing a search for "fiddleheads." My husband is from Houlton, ME, and he said, "bet you won't be able to find anything on fiddleheads." Well, when your web page popped up and read your story about fiddleheads, he was sure surprised! Anyway, he sure loves fiddleheads. Unfortunately, here in Bakersfield, CA, there are no fiddleheads to be found, and he sure does miss them. However, when he goes back to visit his mom, she sure makes sure she cooks them for him. I have never tasted them myself, but I don't think I would have any problems liking them, because I like greens anyway. Well, that's all for now. One thing I will mention, however, is that my husband's name is also Fred, Fred Powers Jr, and I am very proud to be his wife. Regards, Barbara

-Sunday, April 25, 2004 at 01:26:14 (EDT)
You surely contributing, positively to our society.
-Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 08:06:54 (EDT)
jean spear
south portland, me USA
born and raised in maine wouldn't want it any other way. Now teaching my 4 sons to fish and hunt and they love it!!!
-Friday, April 23, 2004 at 09:55:23 (EDT)
I strongly suggest to all who have read the previous post (deleted by editor, but still important to remember...) from an alleged "OFFICAL" from NIGERIA - DO NOT RESPOND to this subject or person. If some country was going to GIVE AWAY BILLIONS of dollars - they would not do it over the internet. Ignore them and eventually they will go away.

Now I can remember the good things in life Fred - Catching Bullfrogs under the floatbridge or swimming lessons at Puffers Pond.
Jim Beaupre'
-Friday, April 23, 2004 at 08:57:18 (EDT)
Alyce (McManus) Gregory
Ojai, CA USA
Always nice to read the Dexter news. Love reading Fred's memories.Hello again to all my friends still there.Reall enjoyed seeing so many last summer.
-Wednesday, April 21, 2004 at 23:05:26 (EDT)
Melvin Swinginhammer
Fleminwagoville, WV USA
Wow that friggin egg festival sounds great! Perhaps I could fly up in EstwingOne to smash any eggs that get away. If someone in charge sees this note please contact me.
I love Maine and all the great southern heritage which can be enjoyed there. Stars and Bars forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 18:21:21 (EDT)
Columbus, OH USA
Take the first step. Send Mother's
Day Flowers

-Sunday, April 18, 2004 at 19:00:26 (EDT)
Barefoot Bay, Fla USA
Cheryl always did think of and do the wierdest things
-Friday, April 16, 2004 at 18:24:33 (EDT)
Cheryl Burton
The last email regarding the Egg Festival was not from me. Funny though, wish i'd thought of it.
-Friday, April 16, 2004 at 08:54:15 (EDT)
Waterville, USA
yes its www.rollingthunderexpress.com
-Friday, April 16, 2004 at 02:43:07 (EDT)
Cheryl Burton
We also need 10 volunteers to dress up as giant eggs for this years parade in Pittsfield. You will be required to throw candy to all the kids in attendance. Finally, you will be required to jump into the giant fry pan at the end of the parade so that we can make a human omelet. We hope to get into the Guinness world record book by doing this. Asbestos boots will be given out to all volunteers! People with butter allergies need not volunteer. Thanks!!!
-Friday, April 16, 2004 at 02:41:24 (EDT)
pat snodgrass
glenburn, Me USA
can anyone tell me if the Rolling Thunder news has a web site? Thanks, Pat as always I am asking for something again thanks to everyone for all the info in the past.
-Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 17:12:51 (EDT)
Cheryl Burton
If anyone would like to participate in a cruise in at the Pittsfield Egg Festival, please email me. There will be prizes based on judging. We are also looking for car clubs to participate.
-Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 08:41:53 (EDT)
Sarah Hanscome
Ripley, me USA
Thanks to the Methodist Church, Judy Craig, and the Credit Union and all the others that helped out with the Easter Egg hunt/ and breakfast this Sat. it was great! My son and I had a good time he is still talking about it! It is nice to see so much involvment! thanks again
-Monday, April 12, 2004 at 09:44:10 (EDT)
Earline-Gloria & Kiki
Wish we could be there to celebrate this blessed time of year -I suppose the apple blossoms will be blooming in a few weeks? We are praying for little Tyler and his family. Take care all and Blessings be to all my Maine family.
-Friday, April 09, 2004 at 23:37:51 (EDT)
Garland, ME USA
Fred..Lynching Goober? omy!! hahahaha that is a funny thought..I wish time had been as good with my memory,as it has for yours!! lol
..just keep us amused with your ramblings..it brings back a lot of fond memorys..
-Thursday, April 08, 2004 at 08:41:59 (EDT)
Mary Bowden
Corinna , Me USA
J Crowley
Go to Google and click on Daylight Saving Time History
-Monday, April 05, 2004 at 10:32:50 (EDT)
j crowley
burr ridge, il USA
When and why did daylight savings start. I thought it was for farming. Same for Spring break - to have the children help with planting and harvesting.
thanks! j crowley
-Sunday, April 04, 2004 at 10:50:55 (EDT)
j mckenney
port orange, fl USA
sorry , was good to see u, did u do the ccr concert? hope u had fun ......jer.
-Saturday, April 03, 2004 at 02:16:18 (EST)
Irene Croan
Harned, Ky USA
Opened this web site and low and behold I saw my nephew's name on here. Jim Beaupre, I'm so glad to see you are still able to write.
Hope all is well with you and your family. Good to see your name . Write to me. Aunt Irene
-Saturday, March 27, 2004 at 19:04:57 (EST)
South Plainfield, NJ USA
I recently got back from visiting my brother Bob in Dexter and had a great time. Thanks Bob! The only trouble in visiting is never wanting to go back home. Maybe someday I won't have to.
-Friday, March 19, 2004 at 10:25:25 (EST)
Sangerville, Me. USA
Great Site!! I am the mother of the Cinderella Cleaning girls.
-Thursday, March 18, 2004 at 08:29:30 (EST)
ed conroy
dover foxcroft, maine USA
welcome to our new town mgr. I made a suggestion to him on his first day...and he followed up on it. all the best
-Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 23:41:14 (EST)
Corinna, USA
We will miss you Bill. You will be in our hearts always. LEP HOORAH!!
-Monday, March 15, 2004 at 10:49:39 (EST)
Spring Lake, NC USA
Congradulations to the Dexter Girls State Champions. Great Job!
-Sunday, March 14, 2004 at 17:19:08 (EST)
God Bless
-Saturday, March 13, 2004 at 01:54:52 (EST)
-Wednesday, March 10, 2004 at 04:49:20 (EST)
pat snodgrass
glenburn, Maine USA
Hello again, Some of you have helped in the past with lyrics to older gospel songs we are looking for the lyrics to If I Could Hear My Mother's Name in Prayer and Mother Prayed the Angels stopped to listen. Thanks for any help you can give us. Loved the New Picture of the 10 point buck. You always have nice things on your site.
-Friday, March 05, 2004 at 19:02:01 (EST)
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter, ME USA
As many of you know, the TheDailyME.com guestbook has recently been a political forum of sorts.
I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinions and that everyone should be able to express them, but the guestbook is not the appropriate forum for political debate.
If anyone would like to send a Letter to the Editor, I will gladly post it with the following guidelines:
should not be libelous, slanderous or inflammatory and be signed by the author.
It is going to be a "hot" political year and we need to hear from all political views. Send your letters to editor@TheDailyME.com.
thanks, and have a great spring....... Judy
I appreciated the fact that this is a free country with free speech
-Friday, March 05, 2004 at 12:10:00 (EST)
Lois Vacanti
Titusville FL/Garland ME, USA
This is a great site!
-Friday, March 05, 2004 at 08:06:15 (EST)
Sue VanGunner
Duxbury, MA USA
Two weeks ago we stayed at Tomhegan Wilderness Camps in Rockwood....right on Moosehead Lake. Great place. I think it is one of the oldest sporting camps in Maine. We spent our time ice fishing, snowmobiling, moose watching and relaxing. I hear that it is a great place for deer hunting also. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience Maine at it's best. Call 207-534-7712 and the great managers, Larry and Bernice (Ithink that is her name)will take great care of you! Bring your whole family!
-Wednesday, March 03, 2004 at 09:12:17 (EST)
Mary Bowden
Corinna, USA
Jim, your grandmother Gildie (we all called her @ Plummer) was a wonderful person and super baby nurse.I bet she dilivered a good part of Dexter area residence
-Wednesday, March 03, 2004 at 07:22:13 (EST)
tell you late, 1004 USA
tell you late
-Tuesday, March 02, 2004 at 17:54:44 (EST)
Cheryl Burton
Ripley, ME USA
Congratulations to the girls basketball team! I have one comment regarding Dexter fans. During the Houlton girl's game, the fans shouted "air ball" every time one particular Houlton player touched the ball. This went on during the entire game. I believe it originated with the Dexter boy's basketball team. This is poor sportsmanship. Dexter should be above this! If it didn't orginate from the Dexter boys basketball team, I apologize. Regardless, the Dexter fans that participated should be ashamed. This sets a bad example for everyone.
-Tuesday, March 02, 2004 at 10:09:04 (EST)
Hello Fred & Friends - I was born in 1953 at PMH where my grandmothers both worked (Olivia Gildersleeve RN & Cora Beaupre). I lived at 140 Liberty Street, being across the street from Lovers Lane, Death Valley, Ski-Tow, The Falls and next door to the Wiley's, NH Fay and Harry Thurston's cows. I was the kid that was always in trouble. I really enjoy the stories that take me to memory lane. I was a Police Officer in the Boston area for 23 years and am now retired, living in the "Quiet Corner" of CT on the MA & RI Border. Thanks for the memories, Jim
-Monday, March 01, 2004 at 10:39:48 (EST)
italia, USA
write to me....friends
-Monday, March 01, 2004 at 09:39:15 (EST)
-Saturday, February 28, 2004 at 15:48:29 (EST)
-Saturday, February 28, 2004 at 15:28:30 (EST)
Mr Bill
-Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 09:55:17 (EST)
Bob Vincent
Hooterville , NC USA
Greetings from the Mountains of Western Carolina.Love your site. Spent time at 765th site back in '58-'59. BEAUTIFUL country.
-Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at 08:49:38 (EST)
-Tuesday, February 24, 2004 at 23:07:19 (EST)
Wayne Gillespie
Rialto , Ca USA
Wish all the very best back in dexter.Hope it isn't too cold . Love to read Fred Wintle's stories , I remember them well.
-Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 22:23:30 (EST)
South Plainfield, NJ USA
Sure do miss my brother Bob since he moved to Dexter . . . sure do miss talking to my brother Richard!
-Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 21:51:45 (EST)
Dexter, ME USA
Help! My son wants a snowmobile for his 15th birthday. (Feb. 24) Does anyone know where I can purchase an inexpensive machine in the Dexter area for him to learn on? We are looking for an older machine, nothing pretty, nothing fast, just reliable. (Well that is my description, not his.) Please email me at the above address if you have such a sled. Thanks in advance for any help:)
-Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 18:54:25 (EST)
David Howe
Willimantic, Ct USA
I enjoy reading your paper all the way down here and I was born in Dexter and raised in newport on Rowe farm with my family.
We get up there once in a while and will be up this summer again. We wish all you fine people a happy and prosperous year.
-Monday, February 16, 2004 at 17:05:13 (EST)
Ron and Doris Clukey
Barefoot Bay , Fla USA
Congratulations to the Dexter boys and girls basketball teams. We can listen on WZON on our computer. Go Tigers
-Monday, February 16, 2004 at 10:58:32 (EST)
Dana, N.C. USA
Just wanted to say HELLO, hope all is well. Love this site.
-Tuesday, February 10, 2004 at 14:06:29 (EST)
Angel Torres
Glendale, NY USA
I was just browsing and happened upon this Website and found it very interesting, and homey!!
-Friday, February 06, 2004 at 11:45:58 (EST)
john a bryant
sanantonio, tx USA
I like to come to this site. I was born/raised in Lubec me i get home sick sometimes this site takes me home, thank you
-Friday, February 06, 2004 at 05:19:46 (EST)
Alden Schmitz
Bellevue, NE USA
Don't be concerned about the USA and the State of Maine. Everything is under control.
-Tuesday, February 03, 2004 at 17:06:13 (EST)
Mary Farnham
Sacramento, CA USA
This has been a good "old home week" for me, visiting this site! Thanks Cecil for turing me on to it! I will be a regular visitor now looking for old classmates. Did you know Grace had alligators at one time too? She lived catty-corner from my cousins Brenda, Judy, Suzy, and Sally Ann Farnham.
-Sunday, February 01, 2004 at 19:24:22 (EST)
Kevin M. Corbin
Lihue, HI USA
Having to make repairs to both PC's Back right now with my laptop. If ya know me, email me so's I can rebuild my address book. Ciao and aloha..Kevin
-Sunday, February 01, 2004 at 18:41:13 (EST)
Merle P Finley
Lakeland, Me USA
Thank you for the information and particularly the picture. Betty & Merle finley. Bye the way, we review your paper regularly.
-Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 17:25:13 (EST)
Scott Norsworthy
Winston Salem, NC USA
I always look forward to visiting this page daily to see what the local temperature was.
-Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 11:52:38 (EST)
Patrick A Clukey
Warwick, RI. USA
-Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 11:56:17 (EST)
Carol Sanders
Londonderry, NH USA
I was just reading the guest book and saw the name Doug Pooler . . .is that the Mr. Pooler that taught 5th grade in Greenville during the 70's? He was one of my favorite teachers and the name brought back some memories. Hope all is well up in your neck of the woods. It's DARN cold down here in NH. "Hi" to all my family and friends (yes, Judy....I mean YOU!) Would love to hear from anyone I know.
-Monday, January 26, 2004 at 13:28:14 (EST)
Mary Bowden
Corinna, Me USA
Friends of Eleanor(Gower) Tibbetts
Just wanted to let you know Eleanor went home to be with her Lord Jan.16th, 8 months after her husband,Stan went home!
Eleanor was born Ripley,grew up and attended Ripley school and went to N.H. Fay a short time.
-Saturday, January 24, 2004 at 14:17:48 (EST)
Gloucester, MA USA
Love this Site! So much info for the Central/Moosehead area - many good links. I will highly recommend it! Thank you.
-Monday, January 19, 2004 at 11:40:26 (EST)
Portland, ME USA
-Monday, January 19, 2004 at 01:25:20 (EST)
Barbara Stone
Lagrange, Me USA
To the dover fire department i want you all to know we all are proud of you for doing an excellent job and we all know its not an easy and that you all take time out to do your job right and may god be with you all and keep you safe in gods arms may god be with you all. yours truly Barbara Stone keep on doing a good job
-Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 17:52:18 (EST)
Tricia Cesena
Ripley, ME USA
I am opening a child care facility in Ripley starting in February. If anyone is interested in registering their child/children call 277-3435. I will be a licensed facility with over 10 years experience.
-Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 17:24:47 (EST)
Garland, me USA
Ben... you should wait a bit... it is starting to get a little cool here.lol
-Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at 11:28:10 (EST)
Ben Levesque
Leesburg, Fl. USA
Looking forward to relocating in Maine. Enjoy reading The Daily Me.
-Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at 07:23:37 (EST)
ny, n USA
cool site
-Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at 03:02:20 (EST)
Garland, me USA
-Monday, January 12, 2004 at 12:22:59 (EST)
charles e. sheridan
lakeland, fl. USA
i am the grandson of chas. e. sheridan. who was gamewarden from newport.that covered corrina, dexter area.,back in40,s and before.he was well known and liked by all. we miss him ., and hope he added to the areas,. thanx for your works. the best., lefty and lenny (gilbert) sheridan.
-Sunday, January 11, 2004 at 00:47:53 (EST)
Garland, ME USA
Omy Lord.... I havent thought about todds corner university in Years!!!
-Saturday, January 10, 2004 at 12:58:36 (EST)
student of TCU
dexter, me USA
hey fred how did the hole get in the street light in the front of you mothers house?
student of TCU
-Friday, January 09, 2004 at 19:34:32 (EST)
doug pooler
dexter, me USA
have just been told about this web site.looks pretty good so far.would like to get mail from others.
-Friday, January 09, 2004 at 09:02:33 (EST)
Cheryl Burton
Ripley, ME USA
Happy New Year to all. We are planning our 30th class reunion from the halls of Dexter Regional High School and are in desperate need of current addresses for our classmates. A lot have been changed due to 911 address changes. If you have anyones address or your address has changed, please send them my way. Thanks
-Wednesday, January 07, 2004 at 12:38:43 (EST)
Carolyn Dubay
Cambridge, ME USA
The last time I signed I got my e-mail address wrong. It right here. Hello, Still in MI. until Thurs.when we return to Fl.
-Sunday, January 04, 2004 at 18:12:03 (EST)
Joe Boyd
Sudbury, MA USA
Merry Christmas to all my friends up in Dexter and around the area and Judy Craig for running this show. Where is Fred Wintle, My brother kevin also says hi. Hope you all make it through the winter and we will catch you in the spring, If you get a chance drop send an email. take care
-Saturday, January 03, 2004 at 00:23:09 (EST)
Greg Vigue
Jacksonville, Al USA
Happy New Year to Family and Friends in Dexter. May 2004 bring us all good health and peace throughout the world.
-Thursday, January 01, 2004 at 12:13:22 (EST)
-Thursday, January 01, 2004 at 12:11:19 (EST)

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